Your Mind-setup Determines Your Outcome In Life

For 2022

Annual Membership Fee

  • USD 288 (inclusive of tax) for PAYPAL payment.
  • MYR 1200 using Malaysia local bank online transfer
  • MYR 1200 using iPay88 (Credit Card, or Debit Card)

Member’s Meeting Date & Time

Members can choose to attend either one of the following meetings in the last Sunday of the month:

10.00am to 12.00pm


8.00pm to 10.00pm


  • MOCM: MO’s Chinese Metaphysics
  • Objective: to guide members to apply the Chinese Metaphysics monthly to empower and maximise their life RICH-ly.
  • RICH: Relationship, Income/Wealth, Career and Health.

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The Member’s Benefits

Monthly Feng Shui Astrology talk on the last Sunday of the month.

  • Except the months that have the Half-Yearly Feng Shui Astrology Talk.
  • Choose either 10.00am to 12.00pm (GMT+8) OR 8.00pm to 10.00pm (GMT+8)
  • What, Who, Where and When to pay attention to, especially related to your relationship, Income/Wealth, Career OR Health (RICH).

Monthly Feng Shui activations and Qi Men applications.

  • Relationship, Income/Wealth, Career or Health (RICH).
  • Meditation & Manifestation per Qi Men Techniques.
  • QM Strategy to take a decision & selection for the important activities.

Complimentary Half-Yearly Feng Shui Astrology Talks (2x) or monthly talk equivalent.

Case studies sharing and discussion AND selected Question & Answer.

50% discount for Bazi & Qi Men consultations.

30% discount for House/Office/Factory/Tomb Feng Shui related consultations and date selections.

30% discount for any new courses, trainings, self-coaching or/and organizational development programs.

30% discount for (MOQM) MO’s Qi Men Software Subscription or Renewal.

Consulting collaboration or/and Affiliate program (please write in to inquire).

MOCM Club Membership

Bonus For Members

Lucky numbers based on your ID (identity Card)

  • Improve your personal Feng Shui (Personal Electromagnetic Field) to attract better luck.
  • You can apply your personal lucky numbers to your phone, car plate, account, passcodes and others.

Lucky numbers are derived based on Yi Jing(易经)divination and 8 Mansion(八宅)Feng Shui principles.


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